Sorry I’m getting this posted AFTER the meeting. I’ll be more diligent about getting the materials up in the future.

From Christy Parry:
When we last met we decided we’d like to explore Islam as a religion as well as its relationship with politics. I’m hoping to get a guest speaker involved for our discussion on Islam as a religion, but it didn’t work out for December. Hopefully, it will come together for January or February. For this month, John Payne prepared some stuff for the very Christmasy topic of terrorism for our December meeting.

Please read the following short essays by Bruce Schneier, a security expert with an interesting perspective on terrorism. There are five, but they’re all short, and John Payne assures me you could read all of these in twenty minutes.

Virginia Tech Lesson: Rare Risks Breed Irrational Responses

Refuse to be Terrorized

The Scariest Terror Threat of All

Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot

Beyond Security Theater